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You might suffer from some problem with your hair such as hair loss, thinning hair, retracted hairline, balding, dry or greasy hair, and hair with no natural shine. Also you might experience itchy scalp, oily or pimply skin. Well, the solution is not far from you!

First, I have to emphasize that the problems mentioned above are only symptoms which indicate other hidden illnesses in the body. Since they are not independent problems they should not be treated independently. Whole body and lifestyle examination is needed including e.g. eating habits. Based on this examination a healing process can be sparkled in the body which will result healthier scalp and more hair!

You should not believe treatments promising solutions to your problems when they target the problem as independent illness. Wonder-shampoos can bring solutions only to eliminate the symptoms but they cover the illness behind the symptom. Using these products can result further decrease in the state of health and the problems will come up again later.

hajmosás samponnal


Why does it happen this way?

Neighboring cells during the embryogenesis in the uterus can develop cells for different organs. In every cell the genetic stock, in other words, the map of the possible development is the same, but individual cells do not always choose the same route in order to reach its goal. So they produce different tissues of different organs.


What is their “GPS”?

Bio photons.


What are bio photons?

biofoton szemléltetésThese are electric impulses or packages of energy which are produced and radiated or received into and from the ambient surroundings by cells while working and matched to their functions. This kind of ability can last for their life time and can be found not only in human cells but also in vegetal and in animal cells.

This “conversation” between the cells builds up 600,000 chakra lines running across our body. These are those so called ‘information lanes’ through which they can affect each other’s function inside and on the surface of our body. If one of them suffers from something it can cause the same effect in the ancient neighboring cell in the uterus. E.g. if a group of cells in the stomach gets ill it will effect some area of the hairy scalp. These phenomena must be detected and the treatment should be started on both areas. The result will be visible!


That is why there are no wonder-shampoos!

You cannot find a shampoo only for dry or greasy hair. There are no shampoos for itchy scalp, dandruff, balding, hair loss…simply, because there cannot be! Many times it targets only the symptom and it causes harm in other ports of the body. It destroys the skin on the scalp and does not treat the cause!

The situation is the same with other localized scalp treatments!


Let’s see how our skin can protect itself

In our skin secretions produced by the oil and sweat glands is connected by a molecule called ‘tenzid’, so the skin protects itself with a layers of substance. It needs 48 hours to produce this layer. This is the time of the life cycle of the scalp.

In this layer billions of bacteria live. In case of a healthy scalp we can find significantly less harmful bacteria.

Products and treatments recommended by me will not destroy this protective layer of the skin. Molecules of the agent will not interact with the layer. The cleansing process happens in an electrostatic way. The “dirt” –just like in case of the magnet and iron dust- will be captured by the bio agent and then it can be rinsed with water.

The protective layer will be untouched and the useful bacteria in it stay alive!

The mechanism of the shampoos you can by in the shops is totally different. The molecules of the shampoo interact with the layer of the skin, so the pH value of the skin will change, the layer will be broken and useful bacteria will die.

It is similar when we take too much antibiotics or we eat food which does not naturally fit in our food chain.

All in all, if we treat the hair symptoms individually and independently we cut out the immune system of the body and we can cause more harm.


I hope I could cast light on the fact that treating hair problems is not as easy as many times the advertisements would like us to believe!

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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