We can speak about hair thinning when the number of hairs per square centimetre significantly decreases. Thick hair will get thinner and thinner in time and the scalp will become visible.


Hair thinning always caused by hair loss which can be caused by different reasons on different spots with diffenert intensity.

Hair thinning, as we described it in out former article, is a procedure when loosing hair is quicker than regaining new hair.

The development hair loss can be quick or slow, can be effected the whole scalp or only some parts of it.

One thing is for sure, if you do not come and see me in order to find out the reason of your thinning and you do not start the treatment I prescribe for you, your hair thinning will get so advanced that it will turn to balding!

Elvékonyodott hajszálHair thinning will produce thinner hairs too.

Something unidentified is lurking around

It is important to emphasize that changes in out hair can be caused by some kind of other bodily disfunction, illness, or state of lack of something.

That is why it is important for us not to make attemps, or should not listen to some advice of friends, we shout not seek for magic essences, but we should consult with a doctor, a trichologist!

Have yourself checked!

A microcamera specially developed for examining hair and scalp is the only tool which can directly diagnose the symptoms. With this tool the condition of the scalp and hairs will become visible and opens a road to a proper treatment! I am looking forward to seeing you!


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