To understand why your hair becomes greasy let's see what happens on the scalp


Greasy hair is directly related to the overproduction of sebum, a waxy type of substance naturally occurring in the body which is designed to keep hair supple, soft and waterproof. Sebum is produced by the sebaceous glands. The hairy scalp is fully covered with grease and the follicles are obstructed by wax clumps of bacteria colonies.


greasy hairIn the follicle the secretion of the sebaceous gland gathers then surrounds the hair and - without a treatment- it kills the hair.

greasy hairThe size of the deformed and greasy root of the hair first increases then it shrinks. After this the hair itself gets thinner and finally falls out.


greasy hairThe root of the hair on the left in the picture is still alive and it can be saved but the one on the right is dead.

SAVING THE HAIR greasy hair

As the result of my treatment both the follicles and the scalp become clean and healty. In these follicles you can see one and two new healty hairs growing and getting thicker and stronger. Next to them you can see a new hair growing together with the old!!!


The dead hair will be removed and it will be replaced with a new healthy hair, plus the follicle and its surrounding will get clean.

After my treatment the old hair tightly surrounded by grease - actually, the killer factor- fell out of the follicle.


In the empty follicle a new hair growth is sparkled.

This follicle you can see here has three new hairs.


Because of greasiness some parts of the scalp went bald but now you can see new young hairs growing.

The cortex of the new hair does not contain any coloring substance in the beginning. Cells producing colour substance will start work later due to their connection with the nervous system.

New hairs show no color in the beginning especially at their end but later color will appear at their root.



Greasy hair can be treated

If you suffer from greasy hair do not accept it! Greasy hair gives you not only bad look but it is a health issue which should be treated as early as possible before it leads to more serious problems!


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